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A-1 Sewer Contractors is family owned and operated and has been doing business in Oregon since 1957 when Lyle Brundidge started the company. Lyle started out doing small sewer hookup jobs and general sewer repairs for homeowners when a handshake was as good as a written contract. In the early 1960’s Lyle’s son Ken Brundidge joined the company followed by Ken’s two sons, Kenny and Dean in the early 80’s. The company soon expanded into a full service excavating and underground utilities provider serving homeowners, homebuilders, commercial customers as well as governmental agencies. Honest hard work and integrity has made A-1 Sewer Contractors what it is today and is still considered the backbone of our continued success.

We are dedicated to the business of providing top quality excavation services to meet each individual clients specific needs. We perform a top quality excavation at a fair price having three generations in business to prove it. As far as we’re concerned, out of sight is never out of mind for the underground services we provide. We have the expertise and heavy equipment needed to complete any size job. Big or small, we do it all!

We have earned the respect and admiration of our customers, inspecting engineers, municipal officials -- and our competitors. We are constantly receiving praise from our customers regarding our fast and complete service. We get the job done right and on time.

Family owned businesses helped to build America and make it great today. Small, for the most part, and stable, with a tenacious sense of pride in the service or product that they deliver.

And though much of America has changed, this much has not: Family-owned businesses continue to deliver more than they promise, because past and future generations of the family insist upon it.

Please see our Excavation Services Page for a list of services that we offer.

Quality, Customer Service, and Integrity are paramount to us.

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